Les Gillett


les gillett

Les ‘Razor’ Gillett is no stranger to the WBT Top 16 as he has been in before and slid out in 2010 to No. 19. Determined to get back into the Top 16 Les entered the PBA Qualifiers and powered his way through all the qualifiers to win a space to the 2014-15 Scottish International Open & International Open.

With a quarter final place in the 2015 Scottish International Open  Les earned the right to be right back in the fray and his semi-final berth in the 2017 World Indoor Open Singles Championship gave him enough points to rise to No. 11 for the coming season

Les will be playing with his renowned steely determination to make the most of this chance and climb the ladder once again and is not a player the Top16 like to be drawn against as they know it means a really tough game to come.


Date of Birth 17 November 1970
Occupation Estimator/Buyer
Marital Staus/Children Married, Children - Mille, Eliza, Jessica
Hometown Leicestershire
Indoor Club Leicester
Outdoor Club
Bowls Manufacturer Outdoor
Indoor Greenmaster size 4
Favourite Green Melton Moubray
Favourite Food Roast Dinner
Hobbies Camping, Walking, Dogs
Other items of interest

Ranking History

2017    World No. 11

2016 15 2008 12
2015 15 2007 15
2011 25 2006 16
2010 19 2005 12
2009 13  2004 14

Recent Rounds Reached

  • 2017    W     Just World Indoor Pairs
  • 2017    SF     Just World Indoor Singles
  • 2017    R2    The Co-op Funeralcare International Open
  • 2016    R2    The Co-op Funeralcare Scottish International Open
  • 2016    R2     Just Retirement World Indoor Singles
  • 2016    R1     Just Retirement World Indoor Pairs
  • 2016    R1    The Co-operative Funeralcare International Open
  • 2015    QF     The Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish International Open
2015 SF The Co-operative Funeralcare International Open
2014 R2 Just Retirement World Singles
2014 QF Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Open
2011 R2 Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Open
2010 QF World Pairs
2010 R1 Welsh International Open
2010 R2 Potters World Indoor Singles
2010 R1 Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Open
2009 SF World Pairs
2009 QF Potters World Indoor Singles
2009 R1 Gravells Welsh International Open
2009 R1 Co-operative Funeralcare Scottish Open
2008 QF World Pairs
2008 R3 Potters World Indoor Singles
2008 SF Welsh International Open
2008 R1 International Open
2008 R2 Dales Sports Surfaces Scottish International Open
2007 R3 Potters World Indoor Singles
2007 R2 Welsh International Open
2007 R2 engage International Open
2007 QF Scottish International Open
2006 QF World Pairs
2006 QF World Pairs
2006 R2 Potters World Indoor Singles
2006 R2 Welsh International Open
2006 R1 engage International Open
2006 R2 Scottish International Open
2005 R3 Potters World Indoor Singles
2005 R1 Welsh Masters
2005 R2 engage International Open
2005 R1 Scottish International Open
2004 QF World Pairs
2004 R2 Potters World Indoor Singles
2004 R1 Welsh Masters
2004 SF BUPA Care Homes Open
2004 QF Scottish Masters
2003 QF World Pairs
2003 R2 Potters World Indoor Singles
2003 QF Welsh Masters
2003 RU BUPA Care Homes Open
2003 R1 Scottish Masters
2002 QF World Pairs
2002 R2 Potters World Indoor Singles
2002 W Welsh Masters
2002 QF BUPA Care Homes Open
2001 W World Pairs
2001 QF Potters World Indoor Singles
2001 R1 BUPA Care Homes Open
2001 R1 Scottish Masters
2000 QF World Pairs
2000 SF Potters World Indoor Singles
2000 R1 BUPA Care Homes Open
1999 R1 World Pairs
1999 R3 Potters World Indoor Singles
1999 R1 BUPA Care Homes Open
1998 R2 SAGA World Indoor Singles
1998 R2 BUPA Care Homes Open
1997 W BUPA Care Homes Open


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