Brett makes it through quarters to face Foster

9 November, 2016

World No 1 Nick Brett featured in the last game of the day here in the Co-op Funeralcare Scottish International Open at the Dewars Centre in Perth. Up against fellow Englishman Les Gillett, Brett was on outstanding form in the first few ends of the first set picking up two threes at the first two ends. After end four Brett was 7.1 ahead on the score card.

A loose end from Brett and Gillett picked up four shots at end five to keep himself firmly in the set at 5.7 to Brett. At end eight Gillett was one shot against and played just over to the weight and trailed the jack to score a three and take a one shot lead going into the final end of set one 9.8. Brett played a runner in end nine to open the head up but failed to capitalize on that and Gillett  after being so far behind wins the first set 10.8.

The opening ends were close in the second set and the scores tied at 2.2. Fortune saw Gillett hold shot at end five with Brett one bowl left, Brett played one of his trade mark runners and managed to pick up one shot. End for end the World No1 hung into the game and going onto end nine of the second set Brett led 5.3. Could we see the third tie break of the day? Some incredible bowls by Les Gillett gave him a chance of the two and it all came down to a measure. Gillet picks up a one shot and Brett takes the set 5.4. Tie break time.

The first end Gillett held shot with Brett one bowl left to deliver, Brett draws in and its a measure. First end Nick Brett the World No1 left it to his last bowl and had confidence in his draw. Brett draws his first bowl in close then plays bowls for cover leaving Gillett to try and hit the bowl and jack centre rink. Gilletts last bowl misses the target and World No 1 takes the place in the quarter finals tomorrow.