Gillett denies Rankin any points

7 March, 2017

Last match of the afternoon session saw a determined Les Gillett from England up against first timer from Australia, Dave Rankin here in the arena. Rankin was struggling to get the line and weight in the first few ends and ‘Razor’ Gillett took full advantage of that as he slotted home 9 shots in the first 4 ends with no reply. Rankin grabbed a single in the 5th end but by then Gillett was ‘in the zone’ as he calmly went about removing any of Rankin’s shot bowls to take the next two ends and first set 12-1.

Into the second set and again it was Gillett that took a calm and steadfast approach, to go 5-1 up by the 3rd end. Rankin was 3 down and with his last bowl managed to grab a perfectly timed shot to grab a single on the 4th, but again it was Gillett that jsut became machine like as he denied Rankin any chance of collecting enough score to save the second set. Gillett took the 2nd set and match 12-1, 10-4