gillett & greenslade take out king & Gourlay

16 January, 2017

In the first of the Open Pairs semi finals it was David Gourlay (S) & Mervyn King (E) up against Jason Greenslade (W) & Gillett (E) and it turned out to be a bit of a humdinger match. With Gourlay and King going into a 6 nil lead in the first two ends of set 1 it looked as if they were going to run away with it as the next two ends saw Gillett & Greenslade picking up 3 shots. On the 5th end Gourlay & King whipped away the bowls to take another single - end 6 saw Greenslade & Gillett fight away to take a single and then end 8 was another single to Gourlay and King to give them the first set 8-4.

Into the second set at end 3 it was 2 all then the lucky lady went and sat on the shoulders of Gillett and Greenslade as everything that Gourlay & King tried just seemed to slip by them. The second set went to Gillett & Greenslade3-7 and into the tiebreak it went to 1 end each. On the final end although Gourlay & King played some outstanding bowls it was Greenslade and Gillett that hung on to take that end and the match.