Young John Fleming is taken out by Paul Foster MBE

8 March, 2016

Last match hereFoster & Fleming at Blackpool Newton Hall in the Co-operative Funeralcare International Open was between Scotland’s young hopeful, John Fleming, and Scotland’s Paul Foster MBE. In the first set Fleming made a good start against one of Scotland’s best and was 3-2 up by the 3rd end and it seemed that all was going well for Fleming. However, Foster upped a slight gear and despite all the excellent bowls from young Fleming it was Foster that beat him off taking a series of singles to take the first set 8-3.

Into the second set and again the young gun got off to a good start, 4-3 up by the 4th end but then the wheels fell off for Fleming as Foster stole a full house of four in the 5th end. From there on Foster did not allow Fleming a look in, despite the fact that the young man did not play badly, and closed off the set with two singles and a double to take the set and match with a final scoreline of 8-3, 11-4.