world no 1 harlow nips over the line

6 March, 2018

In the last of the first round matches in the Co-op Funeralcare International Open here at Blackpool Newton Hall Holiday Park Indoor Bowls Centre it was World No 1, England’s Greg Harlow up against the great Israeli International player, Zvika Hadar. At first it looked as if Hadar was all at sea on the rink as Harlow pounded down with bowl after bowl of millimetre precision bowls in the first set. A steady stream of perfect draws saw Harlow relentlessly go 11 -1 up by the start of the seventh end. Full credit to Hadar though, he kept plugging away and was getting the feel of the rink as he suddenly stole a double away from Harlow in the seventh and a further single in end eight before the first set was away to Harlow 11-4.

The second set was a different storey though, Hadar was more comfortable and although Harlow was still relentless Hadar was beginning to find his form. With everything all square at 5 all on the finish of the sixth end Hadar went on to find that extra special bowl in each of the further ends to literally nick each end away from Harlow over the next three ends with a single and two doubles to take the second set 5-10 and force the tie break.

End one and it looked all the way as if Hadar was going to take it but Harlow found that extra special bowl with his last to take the first end. Second end and this time it was Harlow that nailed the jack, Hadar was just a few millimetres away but all through the next bowls Harlow grimly hung on to the shot and finally the second end and match went to the World No.1. 11,4 - 5,10 - 2,0.