William Moulton has the World Indoor U25 Champion title

25 January, 2020

Last match of the day here in the International Arena was for the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Under 25 Title and was between England’s William Moulton and Scotland’s Kieran Clinton. Both these players had come through tough qualifiers to get here in the first place and won their respective semi finals in good style. Now it was all down to the last match.

Clinton congratulates Moulton - in the spirit of bowls

Clinton cracked off to a good start in the first set going ahead with six shots in the first four ends but Moulton kept steady and was rewarded with a single and a double in the next two ends. Clinton though steadily applied the pressure and picked up a double in end seven and then a single in end eight to retain his six shot lead. Moulton did not crack under the pressure and kept on pushing and was highly rewarded by taking the next three ends with eight shots to take the set 12,10.

Clinton ready to send his bowl
Moulton and Clinton in practice

Into the second set and it was Moulton that got of to a steady start against Clinton who was not giving in and fought every inch of the way but it was Moulton applying all the pressure and by end six he was 7,3 up. Clinton came back at him though and picked off a good double in end seven. Into end eight Moulton played a great bowl to take a single count but again Clinton did not give in and he picked off two doubles over the next two ends to go ahead by a single shot and a tie break loomed. Final end of set two and it was Clinton holding shot for the tie break and Moulton had one bowl left. He elected to try a difficult draw shot which had to be weight and line perfect with no margin for error - he played it - line was good weight was fractionally out but he connected with Clintons shot bowl and just managed to sit it upright and his bowl just stopped fractionally nearer the jack than Clintons. Second set a draw at 9,9 and match and title to Moulton.