Willgress misses out in getting a semi final place to Harlow

10 November, 2016

The only qualifier to remain in the event, Wayne Willgress, had the unnerving task of facing defending champion Greg Harlow in the quarter finals.

Harlow led exceptionally well in the opening set. Relentlessly placing his first two bowls close to the jack. Willgress hung in all the way though and going into the last end he needed to pick up a three to tie the set. A bowl played almost to perfection with his last, needing to take shot bowl of Harlow out and touch the jack. He got the bowl and missed the jack by mere millimetres to score two and lose the first set to the defending champion 9.8.

Second set Harlow kept the good form going and after five ends led 5.1. End six and Willgress pick up a two and got himself back into the set. But at end seven Willgress really had a struggle and even said “He felt sorry for me,” when Harlow failed to draw for four. Harlow 8.3. After three bowls from each player at end eight Harlow held shot and played for cover with his last. Willgress had to score a two to take it into the last end. Willgress played a timmer and missed and Harlow goes into the semi finals here 9.8 9.3. The defending champion still going strong