wildcard, michael stepney from elgin, topples andy thomson mbe

3 March, 2018

Co-op Funeralcare wildcard, Elgin’s Michael Stepney was up against the master of the sport, Andy Thomson MBE, in the third match of the day in the Co-op Funeralcare International open and a great cat  and mouse game was played between them. It was Stepney that found some good big bowls as kept his nose out in front of Thomson in the first set. By end 6 it was Stepney that was in the lead at 3-6. Taking a further single in end eight it was all for Thomson to do to fight back and he did, taking a treble in end eight but it was Stepney that sealed the first set with a single in the final end.

Second set and it was Thomson that kept plugging away and by the completion of end 7 it was a mere 5 all. Stepney took a single in end eight but it was Thomson that took a double on the final end to take the second set and into the tie break. Stepney took the first end with ease but it was Thomson that out drew the Elgin lad to take the second end. One end shoot out left and it was Stepney that found the magic bowl to take the tie break and match. 6,8 – 7,6 – 1,2.