whirlwind foster blows cinato away

5 March, 2018

Conner Cinato - aka - the Ginja Ninja- met up against an on form Paul ‘Fossie’ Foster MBE in the 13th match in the first round of the Co-op Funeralcare International Open here today. In a match that lasted a mere 1hour and 8 minutes it was not that young Cinato did not play well, more that Foster was at the top of his game and just did not put a foot wrong. Cinato did not quite catch the rink in the first set and Foster punished him with exacting bowls end after end. He was relentless and left Cinato with absolutely nowhere to go as the first set went in record time to a 10 - 0 finish to Foster.

The second set was virtually a repeat of the second set, though a determined Cinato did not ever give in and he fought on to the bitter end. Cinato only managed to hold onto 3 ends out of the nine and Foster took the second set 9-5 and goes through to play Aussie Trentan Healey in the second round on Wednesday 7th March.