Webb denies McPeak in the European Masters at Blackpool

8 May, 2016

The second final at BlWebb Trophyackpool Newton Hall in the Co-operative Funeralcare European Masters was between a superbly on form Tony Webb and Ireland’s Mark McPeak. It was very quickly obvious that McPeak could not find his previous form and added to that Webb was at the top of his and made it super difficult for Webb. The first set was over as Webb took it 10-3.

McPeak found a bit better form in the second set but by this time Webb had settled in and was drawing superbly and even when McPeak was on the jack it was Webb  that played him off again. By the 7th end it was 5 all and it did look as if McPeak was about to force a tie break but again a few bowls just widMcPeak & Webb Finale of the jack allowed Webb to finish off with a drawn set to take the match and Trophy, 3,10 – 6,6