Wallace joins the shot clock club

4 November, 2018

Next up was World Indoor No.1, Greg Harlow of England up against fellow England player, Paul Wallace who had qualified from Carlisle PBA Qualifiers. It was Harlow that got off to a good start taking the first four ends of set 1 to go 5.0 in the lead. Wallace remained totally calm and composed as he got to grips with the first time on the blue portable and he quietly set about his task and he took the next two ends with a double and a single, end 7 went to Harlow with a two. End 8 and Wallace made a single and we went into the final end. Wallace lay a single and had last bowl with a shot on for at least a double count to tie the end. It looked a difficult shot and Wallace took some time to study the head and think about it – he totally forgot the 30 second shot clock ticking down and was sharply reminded when it reached zero and the hooters went off – he lost his bowl and the chance to tie the set. Harlow took the first set 7-5.

Into the second set and Wallace seemed unaffected by the end of the first set as he immediately took a single off Harlow but then went a awry on the second as he dropped a full count of four. He continued to play calmly and well but Harlow was devastating with his draw shot and gradually pulled away from Wallace to go 7-5 up in the 7th end. End eight and Wallace took a further single and then in end nine played superb bowls to take a double and the set 7-8.

Tie break and it was Harlow that took an easy first end, Wallace regrouped and took the second end and it went down to the wire for the third. Both players delivered great bowls but it was Harlow that came out on top. 7-5, 7,8 – 2,1.