walker fights but it is stepney that wins the battle

15 January, 2020

Here in the International Arena at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ World Indoor Bowls Championships 2020 it was the WBT World Ranked No 13 from Scotland, Michael Stepney up against the PBA qualifier from Australia, Scott Walker and it was a great match to watch. Though it took Walker a few ends to get the ‘fee’ of the portable rink to start he certainly came right back at Stepney.

Stepney & Walker

In the first set it was Stepney that settled in straight away taking a count of three in the first end but the Australian Scott responded whipping away a quick double in end 2. Ends four and five again the Aussie had a few real good bowls and pinned down Stepney to just two singles. For all that it was Stepney that took the next two ends with two counts of two to take the first set 11,2.

Into the second set and Walker was looking more comfortable and he was giving Stepney a real hard time out there with some really great bowls. End one went to Walker with a great draw shot to take and hold a single. Next two ends though it was Stepney that walked away with five shots. End four and Walker was two down but had a good lie to be able to see a great possible conversion shot, he had last bow and played for the conversion – great bowl as he picked up the jack, trailed a foot and picked up three shots. Now only one adrift he whipped that away from Stepney to level the set at 5 all in the fifth end. End six though it was Stepney that took a double to go 7,5. One each on the next two ends which left Walker with a virtually impossible task of looking for a three count on the last end to force a much needed tie break – not to be as he only took a single cout and it was Stepney that goes through the round 2. Match score 11,2 – 8,7