walker & duncan set up semi final v foster & marshall

13 January, 2019

Last match of the day was the Pairs Quarter Final 2 between David Gourlay MBE and Mervyn King against Colin Walker and Ronnie Duncan. Into set one and it was Gourlay and King that took the first two ends in easy style to go 4,0 up. Third end and Duncan/Walker were finding their pace and line and fished of with a single on that end. They continued to get better and better and the set ended 4,7 to the Scottish duo.

Ronnie Duncan, Mervyn King, David Gourlay MBE & Colin Walker

Second set and Colin/Walker started off well taking two doubles on ends 1 & 2 but then it was the turn of Gorlay/King who took the next two ends with a count of 3 and 2 to go 5,4 in the lead. End 5 was a big finish for Duncan/Walker as they took a count of 3, Gourlay/King took a single on end six to be one behind Walker/Duncan. Final end and Gourlay/King lay 2 shots and Walker with last bowl to take the match – he drew and it looked as if it was going to just pull up but somehow it just trickled in and they took a single to take the second set and match. 4,7 – 6,8. They go through to the semi final where they will face fellow Scots, Paul Foster MBE and Alex Marshall MBE.