Thomson denies Hong Kong

7 March, 2016

In the final match of the day it was the impeccable Andy Thomson MBE from England that denied Hong Kong’s Dick Li a place in the second round of the International Open here at Newton Hall Holiday Park. It was yet another match where the final scoreline did not truly reflect the nature of the game from both players. One has to say that Li found a good line with the majority of his bowls but it was the at ease Thomson who was at the top of his game on the rink. In the first set Thomson got off to a flying start going 7-0 up by the 4th end and despite all efforts from Dick Li it was Thomson that took the first set fairly cleanly 9-2.

Into the second set and it seemed as if Dick Li had found form as he took a full house of 4 from Thomson in the first end - but this did not last as Thomson then took 7 shots away from Li over the next three ends. Though the man from Hong Kong managed to sneak a single away from Thomson on the 5th end it was Thomson that then took two doubles on the trot and with Dick Li only managing a double on the 8th end it was set and match to Thomson. 9-2, 11-7