Thomson beats skelton for the second round berth

3 November, 2019

Both Simon Skelton and Andy Thomson MBE were head to head today to gain maximum points in the rankings. Skelton needs them to gain further places and Thomson provisionally is out of the top 16.

The first three ends of set 1 was a nail biter with both players edging each other for shots with Skelton being 1,2 down going into end four. Playing some great conversions he picked up a full house and then a single to lead 6,2. Thomson managed a great single in end six but it was Skelton that took two singles to seal the first set 8,3.

Skelton has a quiet chuckle with Thomson on the rink

Into the second set and this time it was Thomson that had the bit between his teeth as he went in front by 1 shot by end four. Thomson went on with a great display of bowls to take the next 4 ends and the second set from Skelton. 2,11 and forced the much needed tie break. Again it was Thomson that seemingly managed to just edge Skelton out with some great inch perfect bowls in the first two ends so it was a match win to Thomson.