Thomas defends her title well

16 January, 2016

The first match of the day in the Just RetiremeJanice & Laurant World Professional Indoor Ladies World Indoor Matchplay was between Reigning Champion Laura Thomas and International Janice Gower. Into the first set and it was Thomas that got off to a flying start building a 9-0 lead by end 4 with Gower struggling to find a line on the portable. Gower kept fighting and managed to grab a single on end 5 but again it all went against her when she was three down, played a running bowl which connected well and was on target but the jack spun and went back up rink and ended against Thomas’s bowls to give Thomas another 4 leaving Gower 13-1 down going into the 7th end. Gower managed then to hold 3 until Thomas played a superb bowl with her last bowl to take a single – set over 13-2

Into the second Laura Action set and again it was Thomas that set off early and was 7-2 up at the end of the 5th end. Into end 6 and Gower picked up another single and it looked as if she was going to fight back but again in end 7 Gower played a runner which connected and again the jack spun and ended up within two of Thams’s bowls and at this stage it all looked black for a struggling Gower. End 8 and it was all over as Thomas collected another 3 to take the set and match and continues her defence as Reigning Ladies Matchplay Champion 13-2, 12-3.