the welsh wizard, jason greenslade, into the quarter finals of the open singles

24 January, 2018

First match of the afternoon was Paul Foster from Scotland up against the Wizard from Wales, Jason Greenslade. Into the first set and it was Greenslade that got off to a cracking start as he opened up with two triples and it was as if the Greenslade from his Wizaed year s had come back, he was almost machinelike in his delivery and unbelievably accurate leaving Foster with nowhere to go. Foster fought him off in the next two ends taking two singles away. End five and it was Greenslade that took a double of a seemingly struggling Foster. It was Foster that then took 3 singles on the trot, it would have been more but Greenslade was playing so well that he just shut Foster down whenever he got ner the jack. At 5-8 down going into the last end of the first set Foster needs a treble to stay at least level, but yet again it was Greenslade that cut him short and only allowed the 5 times World Champion a count of two. Greenslade takes the first set 7,8.


Into the second set and Greenslade seemed to be in total control as he opened up with a double and then Foster played a great bowl to take a single on the second end. Greenslade takes two superb singles off Foster in the next two ends and it looks as if Greenslade is at the top of his form. ”hen Foster, wih all his skill set takes a triple on end five to level the set at 4 all. Greenslade takes a fast double on end six and then polished the set and match off with two singles for the second set 4,8.