the rankings battle after the first round of the co-op funeralcare international open

6 March, 2018

for those players still in the event that are at the bottom end of the rankings things are getting interesting.

Greg Harlow remains at Number 1 with 158 points, David Gourlay moves from 5th to 2nd with 138 points, Robert Paxton goes from 6th to 3rd with 136 points, Darren Burnett goes from 9th to 4th with 120 points, Nick Brett drops from 2nd to 5th with 119 points, Jamie Chestney moves from 8th to 6th with 117 points, Paul Foster MBE drops from 4th to 7th with 116 points, Stewart Anderson goes from 7th to 8th with 106 points, Mark Dawes goes up from 12th to 9th place with 99 points, Alex Marshall MBE drops from 3rd to 10th with 88 points, Les Gillett remains at 11= with 80 points, Mervyn King goes from 14th to 11th= with 80 points, Mark Royal remains at 13th with 72 points, Andy Thomson goes from 10th to 14th with 52 points, Jason Greenslade goes 15th= with 48 points, Michael Stepney is the newcomer from 33rd to 15th= with 48 points, Wayne Willgress nears the top 16 - from 25th to 17th with 42 points, Scott Edwards from 33rd to 18th with 28 points, Jonathan Ross drops out of the top 16 going from 15th to 19th with 25 points.

A big battle now looms amongst those lower players who now have all to play for, the next rounds are going to be mighty interesting.