The ‘Kings’ Reign continues

11 January, 2016

In the Professional World Indoor Singles here at Potters Resort in the Just Retirement Professional World Indoor Championships it was Mervyn King v Stephen as first match of the morning and what a match the audience were treated to. The opening set was full of good bowls and such was the quality that this is a match that needs to be watched on the WBT youtube stream to see how it unfolded. In the 8th end end after the last bowl was played the scoreline stood at 6 all and the drama did not end there, with one bowl each left to play Harris drew shot bowl with his last just mere inches from the jack – King went for a perfect draw and ended up just drawing level with Harris’s last bowl with Harris still holding match winning shot – Mervyns bowl sat there for fifteen agonizing seconds before finally toppling over to fall millimetres in front of the Harris bowl to give King shot for the set.

Into the second set and the same high quality and drama flowed through this set but it did begin to look as if King was going to draw away and take the set as by end 6 he was 7-2 up. Harris did not give up though and in the next two ends he took 3 shots to make the score 7-5 to King leaving Harris looking for a three on the final end to force a tie break. Holding shot Harris was forced by King to play decidedly well looking for another two but it was not to be as King held his nerve and Harris only managed to get a two to tie the set at 7 all. Therefore it was match win to King with a scoreline that stood at 7-6, 7-7.

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