The king swerves into the next round

8 November, 2016

On the opening match in the fourth day here at the Live Active Centre the spectators in Perth were treated to an exceptional opening game of the second round between David Gourlay and Mervyn King. Punch for punch the opening set saw, initially King take a 4.0 lead, only to see Gourlay reply with three end scores of two shots on the trot to take a 6.4 lead. After six ends it was all square at 6.6 King then picked up a singles shot at end seven and a double at end eight to take him three shots ahead playing the final end. Wow what an end of bowls from World No 5, Gourlay,  it was only a calliper measure that decided that it was only two shots to Gourlay and not three and King took the first set 9.8.

Both players playing different lengths was proving to be the way of the game again in set two and after four ends the scores were tied at 4.4. It was Gourlay trusty forehand drive that let him down at end seven and let King in to count a two and take a 6.4 lead. King was outstanding at end eight, only needing two shots to see himself through to the quarter finals Gourlay couldn’t make his mark on the end and King took to shots he needed and saw his good friend Gourlay on his way home to Spain. Final score King 9.8 8.4