‘the iceman’ is caught out by webb at blackpool

8 May, 2016

In the last of the matches for the fiChisholm & Webbnal it was Robert ‘Iceman’ Chisholm up against Tony Webb and it was a hard fought match despite what the scoreline may suggest. In the first after 5 tense ends it was 1-6 to Webb and Chisholm struck back taking a full house of 4. Webb collected a double in end 7 and Chisholm then took two singles to narrowly miss out on the first set 7-8.

Into the second set and the ‘Iceman’ returned in blistering form taking a 6-2 lead by the 4th end. Webb took a single in the 5th but it was Chisholm who swiftly took the next three ends to take the 2nd set 11-3. Into the tie break and both players played inch bowls in end 1 and Webb took that end. Into end two and it was Chisholm’s turn - so into the last and final end f the tie break and Webb lay with a count of 1 leaving Chisholm with last bowl - it was played and narrowly just missed so Webb goes through to the second final to face Mark McPeak. 7,8 - 11,3 - 1-2