Taylor heads back to cumbria

7 March, 2017

First match of the Co-op International Open here at Newton Hall Holiday Park this afternoon saw Potters Resort Bowls Ambassador, Greg Harlow, up against the Cumbrian Trevor Taylor in a much anticipated match.

Into the first set and it was Harlow that was at the top of his form as he immediately subjected the Cumbrian to heavy pressure with first class bowls. Taylor managed a single on the first end and then it was a superb Harlow that blocked him away for the next 5 ends to take a 7-1 lead. In end 7 Taylor managed to sneak a single past Harlow but that was all he was allowed and Harlow took the first set 8-2.

Into the second set and just nothing went right for the Cumbrian as he saw his bowls either slide past or just not get the right edge and again it was Harlow that dominated the set. With the score at 10-1 to Harlow on the 6th end Taylor desperately needed to collect a couple of shots to stay in the match but once again he saw his bowl just slide past as he tried to get at least a double out of the 7th end but it was not to be. With just 1 shot taken on the 7th it was second set and match to Harlow 10-2.