swift visit for corkill

6 November, 2016

First match in the second day here at the Co-op Funeralcare Scottish International Open 2016 was between England’s Jamie Chestney and Ireland’s David Corkill. With Chestney just breaking into the WBT Top 16 and Corkill vast experience it was a much anticipated match and no-one was let down. This is a match well worth watching on the WBT youtube channel if you did not see it live.

The first set saw both players playing bowl for bowl and using tactics and timing shots which showed in the very low scoring line. By the completion of the 7th end the score was 4 all. Chestney took a single in the 8th and Corkill a single in the 9th – Result was a drawn set at 5 all.

Into the second set and Chestney raised himself a couple of gears but Corkill also did the same and we were treated to exceptional bowls – Chestney was coming out on top to start with going 7-1 up by the 4th end. The pendulum then swung Corkill’s way as he took the next 4 ends to make the score 7-6 to Chestney in the 8th. With Chestney laying a count of two Corkill played his last bowl but was mere fractions out on his line and Chestney took the second set and match.