Stewart Anderson is the ‘just’ 2019 World Indoor Open Singles Champion

27 January, 2019

This final between qualifier and ex top 16 player from Lincoln, Simon Skelton and former World Indoor Champion from Scotland, Stewart Anderson had all the hype and makings of a good match. The International Arena at Potters Resort was jam packed and not a seat to spare. The match itself was packed end to end with millimetre precision drawing, timed bowls to perfection and sheer accuracy of driving bowls from both players – it was electric in the audience.

Stewart Anderson

This match just has to be watched either on the WBT Facebook page or the Youtube stream – to get the true and full feeling for it. Both players were physically and mentally exhausted when they stepped off the rink at the end of the match.

It was Anderson that started the set well going 7,3 up by end six with incredible bowls, Skelton was good but could not stop the relentless force of Anderson. No matter what Skelton put down on the rink it was Anderson that simply took it all apart with incredible bowls and the set eventually finished 11,5.

Simon Skelton

Second set and the two players were at it again, neither player giving in, End five it was 4,4. End nine it was 6,6. It was a superhuman effort from Skelton that saw him take two single to clinch the set at 6,8.

Tie break and again both players were producing bowls that were just out of this world. You have to watch it to get the full feel for it. Anderson took both ends with outstanding bowls to take the match and become the ‘Just’ 2019 World Indoor Open Singles Title.

‘Just’ 2019 World Indoor Open Singles Champion - Stewart Anderson