Stepney sets up second round clash

2 November, 2019

Elgin’s Michael Stepney, new boy in the World Top 16 rankings, faced the Canadian PBA Qualifier Josh Cameron in his first round match and Cameron’s first time onto the blue portable rink.

Into the first set and it was Cameron that was finding difficulty in getting to grips with the blue rink and the speed at around 18 seconds. Although Cameron did manage to string together a few really good bowls it was Stepney that showed his class as time and time again he outdrew Cameron to take valueable shots away from him. The first set to Stepney 9,2.

Second set and it was an on form Stepney that just did not allow Cameron any room at all as he developed an 8,0 lead by the start of the 5th end. Cameron did not give up and still came on as he took a double in both ends 5 and 7 but it was Stepney that took the 2nd set 10,4.