Stepney makes the cut to the 2nd Round

5 March, 2017

Second match of the day here was between two Scots players, Jonathan Ross and Michael Stepney.  In the first set it was apparent that both players were playing extremely well and it was some good bowling from Ross that saw him take a 6-0 lead by end four before Stepney put a stop to that taking a double and then a superb full house of four to level the scores at 6 all in end 6. End 7 went the way of Ross with a double but again it was the Elgin lad that stepped up to the mark to take a single in end 8 and then played a superb bowl to take a double in the last end to take the first set 8-9.

Into the second set and this time it was Stepney that took off going into a 5 nil lead by end 4, and it was Ross that took a treble on end 5. Stepney then took a single and Ross grabbed the next end with a further single but again it was Stepney that picked his way through the bowls to take another single and a double to take the second set and match.