stanton wins against aussie Murphy with a stunning last bowl

21 January, 2017

There was a massive shock in the third match of the day, with Aussie Karen Murphy, the winner of this title in 2012 and who recently retained the world outdoor singles title in Christchurch in December, crashing to an uncharacteristic 6-9, 12-5, 2-1 defeat from 27 year old Amy Stanton. In a battle of two jack lengths where Stanton chose a longer length, and Murphy a minimum length, the Aussie Murphy trailed 6-2 in the first set and then drastically altered the length were she  reeled off seven unanswered shots over the remaining four ends, winning 9-6 and in the second looked well on her way to a straight sets victory when she led 5-2.

However this time it was Stanton who turned the tables as she in turn reeled off ten shots without reply over the remaining five ends to win 12-5 and then came through the tie break with a stunning last bowl drive that whipped out Murphy’s two holding shots to win 2-1. A stunned and delighted Amy Stanton now goes through to the Semi Finals where she faces the winner of tonights Rebecca Field v Katherine Rednall match.