Smith faces long trip back home

18 January, 2016

Mark Dawes from England took Australian qualifier Jamie Smith in the first match today in the Just Retirement Professional World Indoor Singles Championship here at Potters Resort and it was an on form Dawes that did not give Smith any chance to settle down on the rink. By the end of the 5th end Dawes was 6-0 nil up and this was no reflection on how Smith played, it was simply that Dawes was playing at the top of his game and always had an answer for the Australian who was not playing that badly at all. Smith managed to take a double off Dawes on the 6th end but that was all that Dawes allowed him. Dawes went on to take the next two ends with a single and a double and took the first set from Smith 9-2.

Into the second set and again it was Dawes that managed to overpower the man from Aussie going 7-1 up in the lead by the 4th end. Taking another single in the 5th it looked as if Dawes was unstoppable but Smith grabbed a single in the 6th end but it was Dawes that sealed his fate with another double in the 7th to take the set and match. 9-2, 10-2