Skelton wheels Price out

13 January, 2016

Last match of the day saw John Price up against Simon Skelton and this was an extraordinary match in that Skelton had, just three days ago, broken a bone in his foot and was supposed to be non walking. Not wanting to give his match it was arranged so that he could be wheeled up and down the rink and that he would stand to deliver his bowls – all within the laws of the sport. This si the first time this had occurred on the WBT since it’s inception and was an interesting match. In the first set it did take Skelton a while to settle down and it was Price that took the first set – though it has to be said that both bowlers did play well.

In the second Skelton seemed to be able to shrug of his pain and opened up with a single and a four but then Price took a double of him. Skelton retaliated by taking the next three ends to go 9-2 up in the 6th end. Price managed to get to hard won singles of him but that was not enough and the match went into a tie break. It was Skelton that fought of Price and bagged the first two ends to take the match with a scoreline of 10-5, 4-9, 0-2.