skelton gets past gourlay for a second round place

16 January, 2019

Second match of the afternoon was between Scotland’s David Gourlay MBE and Simon Skelton of England. Skelton had previously dropped out of the Top 16 and had to re-qualify which he did through the qualifiers held at Lincoln earlier this year.

Simon Skelton & David Gourlay MBE

It was Gourlay that got off to a great start taking a double and then a great treble off Skelton in the opening two ends. Skelton then took a single in the third end with Gourlay responding likewise in end four to make the set score 6,2 to Gourlay. It was then that Skelton just seemed to kick in a gear and picking a slightly better line and weight he powered over Gourlay in the next four ends with two singles, a double and a treble in quick succession, suddenly passing Gourlay and taking a two shot lead going into end nine. Gourlay tried everything but was shut down and it was only a single he could take so the set went to Skelton 7,8.

David Gourlay MBE & Simon Skelton

It was Skelton that came out of the blocks with all guns firing at the start of the second set, ends one and two he took two singles, ends three and four he managed to take two doubles to be six shots ahead of Gourlay. End five and he was laying yet another count of three but this time it was Gourlay that found an absolutely stunner of a bowl and reversed the position as he took a single.End six and yet again it was Skelton that defied Gourlay and took another single count to make the set score 1,7. Still Gourlay defiantly fought on and picked off a single in end seven, end eight saw a great conversion to take three shots to bring the score to 5,7 to Skelton. The final end nine though it was again Skelton that firmly shut the door as he took a single count and second set 5,8 to go into the second round next week.