Simon Skelton on track after beating Blackpool’s chris gale

6 May, 2017

The second semi final in the first section saw Blackpool’s Chris Gale step out to face the ex top 16 player Simon Skelton from Nottingham.

Skelton came out determined to get his place in the Tourcard Final sealed and he kept just inching in front of Gale at every end. Gale had his slice of misfortune as well when on several occasions shots just did come off right for him. The first set went to Skelton 8-4. Into the second set and the day just got worse for Gale as he dipped in and out of the pace and when he did put bowls on the jack it was Skelton that just seemed to have the edge as he either drew inside or whipped them out. Skelton took the second set and match 8-3, 12-4.