seed no3, robert paxton, bites the dust

3 November, 2018

First match of the afternoon in the first round of the Scottish International Open here at the Dewars Centre was between Robert Paxton, seeded at No 3 and PBA Qualifier, Phillip Last, from Ipswich. Paxton was seeded No.3 for this event and was certainly the favourite for this event. Into the first set and these two players set the standard of bowls yet to followed, bowl for bowl, nip and tuck, superb bowls played by both players showed as after end 6 the score was a mere 3 all. Neither player giving way it was Paxton that took the next two ends with two singles giving him a 2 shot advantage going into the last end. Again it was nip and tuck and Last held a single and with his last bowl only just missed by inches a draw for another, first set to Paxton by 1 shot.


Into the second set and again the audience were treated to top drawer bowls, by end 6 it was Last that was 1 shot ahead 4,5 and it was Paxton the took a great double on end 7 to go 6,5 up. Last took a single on end 8 to make it a 6 all draw going into the last end. With one bowl each left to play it was Paxton who held shot with a bowl 2 inches behind the jack, Last took a time out to look at the head and then played a superb draw shot which just drew in millimetre perfect to take the last end and second set to force the much needed tie break.

Into the tie break and it was one end each. 3rd end of the tie break and Paxton was shot down with bowl to play, he elected to kill the end and nominated as such. Paxton played a perfect drive Lasts bowl went out and so did the jack – replay the end. It was Last that played his last bowl to a displaced jack and drew shot, Paxton had last bowl but was too wide and it was Last that took the victory and goes through to the second round. 5,4 – 6,7 – 1,2.