Scotland’s lesley doig beats Australia’s ellen Ryan

20 January, 2018

Second match of the day was between young Australian and Reigning World Indoor Under 25 Champion, Ellen Ryan, up against the highly experienced Scottish International, Lesley Doig. It was Ryan that got off to a great start with some cracking draw bowls to the jack to take the first two ends with a double and a single. Doig responded with a triple on the third end to go 3 all. The both scored a double apice on the next two ends to go five all and then Ryan took two singles. Doig again responded with a double to go 7 all on the eight end – the tension in the Arena was palpable. Doig was set up but Ryan played superbly well and picked up a single to take the first set.


Into the second set and Doig had stepped up two gears and was playing true to her form, Ryan was still [playing exceedingly well but it was the Scottish experienced International that soon began to lead the way. By end five Doig was 2,7 in the lead and Ryan was still fighting back picking up two singles over the next two ends to take it 4,7. Doig got a single in end 8 and left Ryan looking for a four for set tie and match – it was only a single so tie break loomed. Into the tie break and Doig did not let Ryan near it and calmly played her way into the semi final taking the first two ends of the tie break. Doig will face Rednall in the first semi final next week on Wednesday 24th January.