Scotland’s coach david Gourlay makes it to the finals

10 November, 2017
The second semi final and Darren Burnett faced his bowls Scotland Head coach David Gourlay. Burnett took end one but Gourlay equalized at end two. Another single to Gourlay end thee. The next end and Burnett plays a runner and takes the jack into the ditch. The score all square at 2.2 after four ends. A fantastic count of three at end five and Gourlay takes a 5.2 lead. Another one at end six and Gourlay in control of the firs set. A fantastic runner from Burnett counted for only one shot at end seven. The score with two ends to play 6.3 to Gourlay. Burnett held shot at end eight when the dust settled so Gourlay went into the final end two shots ahead. Burnett held one shot, Gourlay plays up and misses, then misses again with his next delivery. Burnett strikes to remove Gourlay’s bowl, a bad result and three to Gourlay and he takes the set 9.4.
Gourlay starts well in the second set, forcing Burnett into a runner early in the first end, but its to no avail and first end to Gourlay. Burnett picks up a two at end two and for the first time in either set Burnett takes the lead 2.1. Gourlay holds shot at the next end, Burnett runs and misses, then tries the draw and is unlucky and Gourlay takes one shot. Gourlay holds shot at end four until Burnett’s last delivery, but Burnett fails with a runner and one more shot to Gourlay. Gourlay, playing superb bowls, puts even more pressure on Burnett at the next end by drawing three in close, Burnett strikes and goes through a non existent gap then strikes again and takes his own close bowl out to drop a four. Gourlay leads 7.2 after five ends. Gourlay held shot at the next end but Burnett got a result with his runner and picked up two shots. Burnett rallies and picks up another shot at end seven which brings the set back in his sights. The score line 7.5 to Gourlay. End eight and Burnett is in close first with his third bowl, Gourlay gets an unlucky result with a forehand runner, Burnett draws for shot, Gourlay hits the bowl out clean and went into the final end 8.5 ahead. Burnett needed a miracle at the final end and that miracle was not to happen and it was David Gourlay who sealed his place in the final with a 9.4 8.6 win.