royal & thomson survive first round blitz

12 January, 2019

First match of the day here was in the pairs with England’s Mark Royal and Andy Thomson MBE up against brothers Edward Elmore and Robert Elmore in what promised to be a mouth watering match and the good crowd in the stands were not disappointed.

Edward Elmore, Andy Thomson MBE and official Allan Thornhill

Into the first set and it was a real bowl for bowl nip and tuck affair from all four players and by end four it was 2,3 to the Elmores. With great bowls the audience just loved the shot for shot action and by end six it was still the Elmores one shot ahead at 3,4. After the dust had settled in end seven it was Royal & Thomson that managed to hold a single count to draw the set 4,4.

Robert & Edward Elmore

Second set and it again was a similar story, end four the score was a mere 3,3 and it was the Elmores that took a single in end five to go one ahead. End six and Royal and Thomson finished with a double count to go reverse the lead and go 1 shot ahead. The Elmores had the last bowl of end seven, the head was against them and they needed the perfect bowl to try to take at least a single to force a needed tie or a double for match win – Edward played last bowl and was millimetres out and it was Royal and Thomson that go through to face England’s Robert Paxton and Scotland’s Michael Stepney on Sunday afternoon with a match win 4,4 – 6,4.