Royal is ‘dazzled’by burnett for a place in the quarters

8 March, 2017

Second match today was England’s Mark Royal and Scotland’s Darren Burnett and it was another great second round match to watch. Into the first set and Royal played outstandingly, although Burnett took the opening two ends with a double and a single he was totally outshone by an on fire Royal who took the next 6 ends and set 14-3.

Into the second set and Burnett had suddenly come alive and started to dazzle both Royal and the crowd with some awesome bowls. By end 5 Burnett was 3-4 up and then came a stunning end in 6 when he blitzkrieged and scored a full house to take him 3-8 up. Taking a single in the next end it left Royal looking at a 3-9 score, picking up a superb 3 with an on target running bowl on the 8th Royal was then trying for the last 3 to seal the match but again was foiled by clever bowling from Burnett who took a single on the 9th to take the set 6-10 and force the tie break.

In the first end of the tie break it was again Burnett that played inch perfect bowls when needed and the odd timing bowl as he simply denied Royal any chance of even getting one end. It was Burnett that took the first two ends to go through to the quarter finals.