royal and thomson in a nail biter quarter final

13 January, 2019

Pairs Quarter Final 3 between Robert Paxton (E) & Michael Stepney (S) against Mark Royal and Andy Thomson MBE (E) proved to be a high tensile nail biter of a match and the audience loved every minute of it. If you dd not see it then it is a must watch on

Set one saw the match all square on 4 ends at five all. The next two ends saw bowl for bowl and shot for shot being traded and at 6 ends it was again all square at six all. After the dust had settled in end seven it was Royal & Thomson that took a single to take the first set by 1 shot at 6,7.

Robert Paxton, Michael Stepney, Andy Thomson MBE & Mark Royal (playing bowl)

Set two was high tension as again all four bowlers were at the top of the game and yet again it was bowl for bowl and shot for shot. By end four Royal and Thomson were 1 shot ahead at 2,3. End five saw them take a well earned double to go three ahead but then in end six it was Paxton & Stepney that took a single to make it 3,5. Looking for a count of three to force the tie break it was Paxton that drew in last bowl to take this away and just left Paxton & Stepney with a count of two which was only enough to tie the set 5,5. Royal & Thomson go through to Semi Final 2 on Monday afternoon.