Ross passes first hurdle

14 January, 2016

First match of the day here at Potters Resort in the Just Retirement Professional World Indoor Championships was between Jonathan Ross and qualifier from Scotland Ryan Clark and it was a good match to watch with Clark coming out very confident onto the blue portable rink. He was playing exceptionally well and did not leave Ross any room at the jack to get in and by the 7th end he was 7-0 in front. Ross managed to claw a double away from him in the 7th and Ross then shortened the jack and this caught Clark out who dropped another single in the 8th, into the 9th and he covered all the bases and denied Ross anything further in that set.

Into the second set and Ross had the mat and took a tack of setting short mat and jack and this caught out Clark and the tables turned with Ross going 8-1 up by the 6th end. Clark was still playing very well and managed a double in the 7th but again Ross kept him out and the set ended 10-3 to Ross and the tie break loomed. It was Ross that took control and despite some excellent bowls from Clark it was Ross that managed to hang in and take the first two ends of the tie break. Match Score 3-8, 10-3, 2-0

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