Ross blows past Bester

4 March, 2018

Scotland’s Jonathan Ross was up against Canadian Mike Bester in the 7th match of the first round as first match of the afternoon in the Co-op Funeralcare International Open. Ross is in danger of slipping out of the World’s top 16 and needed to get this match under his belt and he gave Bester no opportunity whatsoever at any stage. Bester was struggling slightly with the weight and Ross made every ounce of opportunity that arose. Even when Bester was on the jack, Ross simply took it away. In the first set Ross just powered his way through only allowing Bester to score on one solitary end - Ross took first set 11-1.

The second set was not a lot different, Ross did not relax for one instant and though Bester had got the weight into his arms and was playing well it was Ross that simply demolished the Canadian to take the set and match 10-3.