rimmington only just misses a second round berth

14 January, 2020

First match of the day here at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2020 World Indoor Open Singles Championships was between South Africam qualifier, Craig Rimmington and the World Indoor Ranked No 9, Robert Paxton. Phew, what a match and well worth a watch on WorldbowlsTour Facebook stream or from the WBT channel on Youtube.

Craig Rimmington

First set it was real nip and tuck between them and Rimmington was giving Paxton a real run for his money. By end four Paxton was 4,1 up but Rimmington snitched a double on end five. End six and Paxton managed a single but then Rimmington took two successful singles in the next two ends to level it all at 5 all going into the last end. Rimmington was holding match but it was a great bowl from Paxton plus a bit of lady luck and it was Paxton that took the final end with a double. 7,5 to Paxton

Second set and again it was nip and tuck and by end five it was it was a mere 4 all. Rimmington was making Paxton’s life tough out there on the portable rink. End five and Paxton maged a great single but it was Rimmington on the next end collected a thyree count after a great end to go two ahead of Paxton. End eight and Rimmington was lying shot and Paxton drove with his last bowl. Jack into the ditch and for a moment it looked as if Rimmington was lying two shots - BUT - the jack was just outside the confines of the rink - respot and Paxton picks up a three to go one ahead of Rimmington. It was again Paxton that cleared the last end to take a single count with set 9, 7 and match