‘Razor’ gillett takes out foster for a place in the quarter finals

23 January, 2019

In the second round match between Scotland’s Paul Foster MBE and England’s Les ‘Razor’ Gillett  it was a bit scrappy in the start of the first set with neither player really at their best and by end 6 it was 3,3. Ends seven and eight Foster gained a little as he took a single away on each end but missed his way on the final end where Gillett took a further single. Set score 4,5 to Gillett.

Les Gillett, Dan Bluett and Paul Foster MBE

Into the second set and it was Foster that managed to hold it together a bit better, scoring slightly better than Gillett to take the second set 9,2 and get the chance of the tie break. However, and chance that Foster had soon diminished as he did seem to struggle with the ever changing rink and it was Gillett that just pipped him to the post on both ends and Gillett goes through to the quarters.

Les ‘Razor’ Gillett