‘Razor’ Gillett slices out Paxton from the Quarter Finals

11 November, 2015

The last game on of the day and World No 4 Paxton got off to a flyer and won the first 13 without reply. Out to take no prisoners and take his place in the quarter finals Paxton was relentless end after end of quality play saw a remarkable score of 13.0. The second set it was Gillett who set off well with a count of three at the first end followed up by a three at the second. Then low and behold a three at the third. What a score line this game had? Now the audience felt a tie break was on the cards.  13.3 finished the set off for Gillett and into the tie break we went.

First end and even though Paxton drew four bowls within inches of the jack it was Gillett who hung on to the shot and take the first end. Second end it was Gillett’s third delivery that got shot, Paxton played a runner but failed to hit the target and Gillett took the last place in the quarter finals.