‘Razor’ Gillett makes the quarter finals

7 November, 2018

Scotland’s David Gourlay, recently awarded the MBE, was up next against Les Gillett from England and it was a match that was inviting in the programme. Into set one and it seemed as if Gourlay was struggling to find the correct weight as he was short quite a few times and did just not settle on the rink. Gillet though was like a man possessed and was unbelieve in his consistency and accuracy of both the draw and timed bowl – so much so that Gourlay did not get a look in and the first set went away 1,11 to Gillett.

Into the second and although Gourlay had settled a bit more it was still a hard slog to withstand Gillett. Gourlay kept persevering though and was rewarded as he gradually climbed past Gillett and by end six was 5,4 in the lead. Gillett took a single in end seven but it Gourlay that took a further two singles to take the second set 7,5.

Tie break time and again Gillett was like a demon and no matter what Gourlay did put down it was Gillett that bettered it. It was Gillett that took both ends and the match to go forward to the quarters.