‘razor’ gillett denies coleman a second round place

15 January, 2019

Last match of the day here in the first round of the Open Singles was between England’s Les ‘Razor’ Gillett and the returned PBA member and qualifier Paul Coleman.

Les Gillet (foreground) and Paul Coleman

Into the first set and it was Gillett that seemed to on the mark as he was4,2 up by the fourth end with Coleman finding a single in return on the fifth end. Gillett went further into the lead with a single and a double over the next two ends to go 7,3 in front. Despite all that Coleman tried Gillett controlled the last two ends only allowing Coleman two solitary singles and the first set went to Gillett 7,5.

Les ‘Razor’ Gillett

Into the second set and it was Gillett that was firmly in control, taking a single in the first end with a response of a single deduction by Coleman in the second end. Into the third end and it was all Gillett as he swept aside anything that Coleman produced to take end three with a count of three. From here Gillett never looked back and denied Coleman any further scores on the card. Gillett took the second set in 7 ends with a final scoreline of 7,5 – 9,1.