Qualifier Willgress through to the Quarter Finals

8 November, 2016

Darren Burnett was in control throughout the first set of his second round match against Lincoln qualifier Wayne Willgress taking the first set with a very comfortable scoreline. In the second set it was Willgress who settled first.

Winning the opening end with two shots then holding three at end two for Burnett to strike the jack off the rink and score one shot on the re spot. But Willgress piled on the pressure and Burnett had to play some good runners to keep his set hopes alive. 4.1 to Willgress and holding ,another runner from Burnett, takes the two out, but Willgress draws back in Burnett runs again and takes Willgress’s bowl out to count himself. Score 4.2. Great end from Burnett and scores are all square 4.4. Inspiration from Willgress and another two on the card 6.4. End seven and Willgress holds shot again only to see Burnett narrowly miss target. Willgress 7.4. The man from Norfolk, getting in to his six foot six stride here in the second set, holds two at end eight, Burnett plays a timer and gets the wrong result. 9.4 Willgress and match tie break again for the No7 seed.

End one of the tie break and Burnett turns the jack with his third bowl to Willgresses bowl. Last Burnett bowl pulls up short. First end Willgress. Willgress plays a superb third bowl at end two of the tie break to hold shot, Burnett runs and is slightly off target. Willgress wins and takes his place in the quarter finals.