Qualifier willgress takes out burnett

4 November, 2018

Last match of the day here at the Dewars Centre in the Scottish International Open was between Wayne Willgress, the qualifier from Lincoln against Scotland’s Darren Burnett. Willgress is just outside the Top 16 at No. 17 and was full of determination and said before the match ,” I just want to bowl well and try to make the best of this opportunity.” So into set one and it was some great bowling from both Burnett and Willgress with neither getting the best of each other and by the fourth end it was 3 all. At the completion of end six it was 4 all. Then Willgress put a bit more pressure on Burnett with some telling bowls and he took the next three ends with a single and two doubles to take the first set 4,10.

Into set two and it was Burnett who piled on the pressure with exacting bowls and he went 5,2 up at the end of the fifth.

Willgress snaffled a single away on the sixth end but Burnett piled on the pressure and came away with two more singles over the next two ends. Willgress needed a four on the final end to get a draw and stop the looming tie break but Darren played a great couple of bowls which stopped this and took the second set 7,5.

Tie break and both players were drawing well but it was Burnett that outfoxed Willes and took the first end. Willgress dug deep and took the second end and it all went down to the third end. With a bowl each to go Burnett held shot and Wayne drew his last bowl as shot leaving Darren with his last bowl, Darren attempted a clean draw and it was slightly overweight and just went past and it is Willgress that goes through to the second round, 4,10 – 7,5 – 1,2.