Qualifier Rippey takes top seed Ross out the World Singles

18 January, 2017

In the first match of the afternoon here at Potters Resort in the Just 2017 World Open Singles Championship PBA qualifier James Rippey squared up to Ireland’s Jonathan Ross. With two coachloads of supporters it was not a quiet affair as Rippey launched into the attack against Irishman Ross. Both players were producing bowls at an extraordinary level and by the end of the 6th in the first set it was just 4 all, then Rippey, who was 3 down with last bowl to play, played a timed running bowl to collect the jack and went from 3 down to 4 shots up in a stunning moment. Ross swiftly replied taking a double on end 8 but it was Rippey that then produced another cracking bowl to take a single and first set 6-9.

Into the second set and it was amazing display of top quality bowls to a very appreciative audience and with neither player giving way it was an amazing 6 all by the 7th end of the second set. Ross was desperate to force a much needed tie break and he outplayed Rippey on the 8th end to take a count of 2 and held onto this advantage in the last end taking a further singles to go 9-6 and set forcing the much needed 3 end tie break. In the tie break it was Rippey though that played outstanding shots to take both the first and second ends in quick succession and match. Rippey goes through to next weeks 2nd round.