Precision blow for blow match but the end was surprising

19 January, 2018

Last match of the day here in the International Arena at Potters Resort in the ‘Just’ 2018 World Indoor Mixed Pairs was between England’s Katherine Rednall with World No. 1 Greg Harlow against Scotland’s Julie Forrest and 6 times World Indoor Champion, Alex Marshall MBE. It turned out to be a high calibre match with a bit of banter between the players as well as nailbiting edge to edge bowls.

Set one and the first two ends were taken by Rednall and Harlow with two singles, ends three and four were taken with two singles by Forrest and Marshall. There was nothing between the two pairs as bowls were delivered with military precision to the jack, weighted bowls were played to exacting standards and drives delivered with explosive power! The audience were enthralled and showed their appreciation to both sides. By end six it was 4-5 to Forrest and Marshall but it was Harlow that played perfection bowls on end seven to get them a triple to take the first set 7,5.


Into the second set and it was a devastating Harlow that was holding of Forrest and Marshall. Marshall was playing at best but it was Harlow that just kept on delivering bowls that were extraordinary to take a 4-1 lead by end four. Then Marshall turned on the fire and Forrest & Marshall took two singles to be one shot behind going into the last end. Forrest played good front end bowls and Marshall added, with Harlow left with one bowl and facing a count of four down for the much needed tie break he played a runner. As soon as it left his hand he knew it was wide of the mark, yet, as it approached the head it collided with a short wide bowl, bounced off that, collected a straightener and slowly came to a rest on top the jack!!!!!

Harlow immediately signalled an apology to Marshall and Forrest but that slice of good fortune meant the he and Rednall took the second set and match 5,3 to go into the last remaining semi final on Sunday.