‘pocket dynamo’ rednall wins the World Indoor Ladies Championship

25 January, 2018

The Ladies World Indoor Final was between the two remaining ladies, Katherine Rednall from Ipswich versus Rebecca Field from Norwich, virtually a leocal derby! A packed Auditorium eagerly awaited and they were not disappointed. Field took the first end with a single and then it was Rednall’s go – with absolute precision bowls she picked off a double. End three and it was Rednall that demonstrated an absolute awesome command of the rink as she picked off a neat triple from Field. End four and yet again this young lady picked off another simply incredible three count.

It was not that Field was playing badly, simply that Rednall was out of this world with her draw bowls, millimetre perfect. No matter what Field produced Rednall was going just one better and she went on to go into end eight 13, 1 up. Still Field did not give up and she picked off a clean single on end eight and into end nine of the eleven end set Field was looking for at least a triple to keep her in the match but a canny Rednall shut her down with nowhere to go and it was only a single dropped. Rednall took the first set 13,3.

Into the second set and the ‘pocket dynamo’ from Ipswich simply did not let up – Field did miss a couple and Rednall gave her maximum punishment as end after end she kept producing bowls that were just out of this world. At the completion of end six it was Rednall that was10,4 up but Field still doggedly kept at her playing good bowls and was rewarded with a single in end seven. But is was the amazing Rednall that took the second and match to become the new World Indoor Ladies Champion with a set score of 13,6.